Thursday, February 16, 2012

KeyFob will open the doors but not start on BMW?

First of all try this.Insert the key fob and see,if all dash lights and radio are turning ON or not.If they are turning then twist the key in ignition to see if you hear any click from starter or not.If you hear no click then there are few possibilities that can cause this problem.

The first thing to try will be another key. Your vehicle uses an module called an EWS or electronic immobilizer. This module is actaully what allows the starter to turn when it sees a valid key, If the EWS code is correct in the EWS  the Engine control module detects it then releases the request to start the vehicle. These things are there for theft protection.

So this could be one of four possible problems.

1= A bad key (try another key if possible)

2=A bad EWS module (the only way to find this out will be to have the vehicle towed to a dealer and we can see if the key is valid and the EWS has released the signal to the starter)

3=A bad DME or engine control unit ( very unlikely though )

4= The starter itself is getting the signal but the starter is bad

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is to try another key. It is more common for the key to be bad or the EWS module to be faulty. If the EWS module is faulty it will have to be ordered specifically for you vehicle by VIN to work and will need to be programmed by the dealer.

Basically in this cases the  diagnosis time at dealer would only be 1 hour. In the diagnosis the dealer will hook up scan tool to your vehicle with the key you have and see if the key status shows as valid and is releasing the starter. This would show that the key is either good or bad. If the key shows to be valid and the EWS is the problem it would be an additional 1 hour to replace and program and the part is around 100$.
But if the key is not getting detected,this means the key itself is faulty.If you dont have another key to confirm the problem,then you will have to order another key.
The key is coded to the vehicle so you will need registration and a copy of a photo ID for the dealer to order the second key. It takes aprox. 2-5 days to come in since this is a coded part. 

If the key was the problem it should start the vehicle right up but the remote system would have to be re-initialized for the remote portion to work. 

This details will help.

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