Thursday, February 16, 2012

how to replace power steering pressure hose on mustang?

The pressure line for  power steering goes from the side of the power steering pump down to right behind the the rack and pinion.

Only way to do it is take the rack off. While doing that you can change the rack bushings to polyurathane ones. They give you a better steering feel.

There is a bolt that holds it to the backside of the intake. You don't necessarily have to remove the intake but it helps a ton to remove the metal cowl to reach everything.You may as well remove the plenum and do the spark plugs too.
Remove the cowl. Its not that hard. Makes a whole lot of room to remove the intake, the connectors behind it, the power steering hose, etc.
With the cowl and intake off, it made feeding the new hose pretty easy.

See the diagram shown below :----

This will help.
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