Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Temperature gauge stays At cold on jaguar?

Thermostats are generally designed to fail in the open position to avoid overheating. Sounds like yours failed as they're intended to.

The first thing that should be done is to take an actual engine temperature measurement by placing a thermometer in the radiator neck ansd running the engine; the temperature on the thermometer should be 195 degrees F after the engine has warmed up and coolant is circulating. Thereason for doing this is to determine whether your engine is actually running below normal temperature, or whether the temp gauge is reading inaccurately.

If your engine temperature actually IS not reaching normal (195) then the thermostat is teh only possible cause. It is the job of the thermostat to block coolant flow through the radiator core untill normal operating temperature is reached. Only after coolant emperature reaches 195 should teh thermostat open and allow the engine coolant to go through the radiator to be cooled.

The thermostat is a very critical component in a modern engine; if the engine temperature is not regulated correctly you may also experience other symptoms such as a rich fuel mixture or poor fuel economy because the computer in your truck calculates fuel mixture based on engine temperature.

So the possibilities for this problem are
Faulty thermostat,problem with coolant temperature sensor or low coolant.
All this has to be checked.

This will help.

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