Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heater AC or defroster fan not working on KIA?

If the blower fuse is not blown, and the fan is not working on any speed, check the blower motor relay - it's located in the engine compartment fuse and relay box.

It's always possible that the blower switch may have failed, but I would check the relay and the connections between the relay and the blower switch before going that route.

The blower motor is fed with battery power from the relay as long as the ignition switch is in the ON position. (The relay is always grounded, and the ON position from the ignition switch feeds the relay coil and completes the circuit). The blower switch provides a ground to the motor (direct ground on the HI position; the resistor assembly is used in the first 3 blower switch positions). If the relay seems OK, you can try bypassing the circuit by disconnecting the motor harness connector and applying power and ground directly to the motor.

An alternate solution is to use a DVOM and ensure that you have B+ at pin 2 of the blower connector with the key ON, (blower disconnected), then verify that the blower switch is working by checking resistance on blower connector pin 2 (blower disconnected). You should see infinite resistance on pin 1 in the OFF position, and a decreasing resistance as you cycle through the various blower switch positions.

If the fan stopped working on all speeds you will need to test the power to the blower motor and see if voltage and ground are there. if you have power and ground , please replace the blower motor.
If fan only works on low speeds but not high speeds you will need to replace the blower motor resistor.
If you have voltage but no ground signal you will need to replace your a/c control unit.

Check 30a "blower" fuse, Check "blower relay", Check 10a "sr/acc" fuse.
Check "lavender" wire at JB-01 connection E3 (junction box) located on firewall driver's side in engine compartment for 13.4v.

This details will help.

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