Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mitsubishi Lancer rpm needle bounces?

The tach is driven by the ecu. A datalogger will tell you if the ecu is good or the guage has an issue. It could also be a loose connector. This has to be scanned by scan tool.

Try to reset your ecu, if that doesn't work, definetly take it to the dealer.

Just in case you don't know how to reset the ecu:
The procedure is as follows :----
1. Disconnect the neg terminal of your battery for 10-15 minutes
2. Plug it back on, start the engine and let it idle for another 15 minutes
3. Take if for a spin
4. Enjoy or bring it to your dealer .

The same problem was noticed by few of out customers, visited our garage.
In most of cases it was faulty MAF and in 2 cases it was loose connector issue.
It turned out to be my mass air flow sensor, the restrictor plate somehow came off, so right now i just glued it back on, it seemed to have solve my problem .

My friend use to drive one of those new Mitsubishi Lancers and was having the same problem,  RPM neddle would bounce when  stopped or was slowing down and it was very annoying. Come to find out that he had a faulty "MAS" (Mass airflow sensor)

He replaced it and it fixed the issue.
This will help.

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