Monday, February 6, 2012

Ford ranger cruise control not working?

The problem is noticed on 1994 ford ranger model.

The possibilities to be checked in this case is as follows :-----
You have the last year of the old style cruse control system , it is vacuum operated.
The first two things to check that go wrong is the dump valve and the cruise servo cable.

The dump valve is located on the brake pedal ---grab a flash light and look under the drivers side of the dash.Find the brake pedal and up high you will find a vacuum hose that goes to a black plunger type of valve,, this black valve has a white plunger on it ---when the brake pedal is NOT depressed the white plunger should be all the way in ,,when you step on the brake the white plunger comes out and dumps vacuum and shuts off the cruse ---make sure this valve is adjusted properly ,, the white valve should be all the way in when the brake pedal is NOT depressed,, if it is not then push down on the black valve and it will move closer to the brake pedal causing the white plunger to go in more ---then test drive it ------------------if this was ok then check the cruse servo cable.
You have two cables going to the throttle body of the engine one is for the gas pedal and the other is for the cruse servo.Take a look at the throttle body and make sure the cable is still attached to it for the cruse servo,, they tend to fall off.


Fuse #6 in the interior fuse panel is for the cruse control ---

Here is a another test to see if the servo cable is broken ----go to the cruise servo ---there are two vacuum hoses going to the servo.
One is for the dump valve and the other is for a vacuum source from the engine ---with the truck running -remove the vacuum source hose off the cruse servo -----then there is a hose on the cruise servo that comes out of the servo and goes back into it,unplug one end of that hose and put the vacuum source to it (try both ends one by one ) the engine will rev up ( do not hold it there that long ) if it does rev up the cable is good,if you try either of of that loop hose and put vacuum to it and it does not rev up ,,then the cable is broken ---remove the cable from the servo and you will see the metal ball came off the end of the cable.

Also ---does the horn work --the cruse switches work off the same power source as the horn.

See the diagram shown below :-----



If all checked ok,then it can be speed sensor issue.
The speed sensor is on the trans,, on the very rear of it on the speedo cable.

To test the speed sensor you need a ohm meter ---unplug the snesor and put your ohms tester across both pins on the sensor ,,

Disconnect the speed sensor connector.
Measure the resistance between the wire connector terminals of the vehicle speed sensor .
Is the resistance approximately 180-250 ohms?

This details will help you .Thanks.

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