Monday, February 6, 2012

2005 ford ranger cruise control not working?

Check the cable that goes to the throttle on the engine. Also check the fuses.
There is a  a recall on Ford truck's and cruise controls, so I went to my local dealer to see what it was about. The main issue of the recall is the brake pressure switch mounted just in front of the resevoir on the master cylinder. It will leak brake fluid, causing the switch to short out. The approx cost for this repair is  $18.55 and 15 min.

In some cases its noticed that rear brake light bulb gets shorted and so the cruise control stops working.
Replacing the light bulb solves the issue.

Also check the vacuum connection. It is located where the arm on the brake petal pushes on a plunger to close the vacuum connection.
This is what happens,when you push the brake petal down it opens the vacuum line and turns off the cruise control.Inspect in that area. Cruise control works electronically and it has a back up system that is the vacuum if both aren't working then the cruise control won't work.

Also check the Speed Control Deactivation Switch located on the end of the brake master cylinder. If it is leaking brake fluid, that may be your problem.

There is a diaphragm inside the switch that eventually cracks, then the fluid comes into contact with the switch contacts. Eventually this will short the switch out due to corrosion between the contacts.

This will help.
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