Friday, February 3, 2012

Honda car will not start intermittently?

This problem is noticed on my customers Honda CRV.In this case,the dash board lights were coming ON when key is turned ON.Also the engine turns over,but honda vehicle was not starting.
But this problem was not constant,sometimes the car will start without any issues.

On that basis the troubleshooting options are as follows :---

First of all in this types of problems,always see do you get steady check engine light on dash.If yes,then there is error code stored in your cars computer.
The ECM of car needs to be scanned to retrieve the codes.

BUT if in your case,then steady check engine light is not coming ON dash,then the problem indicates towards weak car battery or weak car starter.
Both this parts needs to be inspected and checked.
Starter getting faulty/weak is very much seen on Honda car models.

Go the electrical route test first at the starter. THis will be the more effective way to go in this situation. It sounds like you may have a bad starter. An intermittent starter that is going bad will work sometimes, all of a sudden not work, then start working again. You will need to catch it when it is not working and make sure you have battery voltage on both terminals of the starter when cranking. If battery voltage is present and the starter is not working, then the starter is bad and will need to be replaced.

I recommend you to go through this 4 help links mentioned below:----

This help links will help you to confirm the problem and make your troubleshooting much easier.