Monday, November 5, 2012

What is Chipset in Motherboard

Motherboard chipset also known as bridges.

There are two bridges on motherboard.

One is norther bridge and other is south bridge.

Also called as MCH or ICH.

One controls memory related components and modules and other controls Input/output components and modules.

Basically chipset is combination of MCH and ICH .
Chipset's manufacturers outsource their chips to various vendors like Gigabyte,Maxtone,Asus etc.

Chipset manufacturers also manufacture there own chipset's like AMD,Intel etc.

The numbering of Motherboard is actually the numbeing of MCH in most of cases.

For G31 motherboard,G31 is actually the number of MCH present on motherboard.

When any of these chipset gets faulty,there are two options to solve the issue.

One is re-balling the same chipset and using it again and other is replacing complete chip set with new chip set of same match.

Re-balling is best option,but its always not successful.

See the MCH details and diagram shown below:---

motherboard memory controller hub

These details will help.


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