Saturday, November 3, 2012

Faulty RAM slot on Motherboard

New RAM chip not getting detected on motherboard.
The same RAM is working on another PC.

Very easy method to verify the problem.
RAM slot tester card.
There are RAM tester cards available. These cards are available as per RAM, like DDR, SD RAM, DDR2, DDR3, etc etc.
In these tester cards there are LED lights. These LED are as per RAM Pins.

If any LED is not glowing, then first try cleaning the RAM slot with dry brush.
If still the LED is not glowing, then see the LED name mentioned on the Ram tester card. As per that LED find the pin detail from RAM datasheet.

Complete RAM datasheets are available online. Goggle search is best option.
If that particular pin is got loose or not getting connected with RAM memory chip, then pull the pin out with needle or re-solder the pin from bottom side.
You can trace the correct pin from bottom side of motherboard, using connectivity.

On some boards the RAM slot is burnt, in that cases trace the pin to which the circuit track is connected by visual tracing. You will take time, but the pin track will be seen, once you locate the track, brush the varnish coating of that track and apply jumper between the tracks and pin.

If the LED does not glow at all on RAM slot tester card then its faulty MCH( also called as North bridge). MCH means memory controller Hub.
All memory related chips and slots are controlled by MCH.
So if RAM and Ram slot if look ok, then its mostly faulty MCH.

You will notice MCH overheating on such cases.
There’s a good help link related to MCH overheating issue, I suggest you to go through it: ----

These details will help.

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