Saturday, November 3, 2012

PC Motherboard System Hangs Or Very Slow

System starts fine but it freezes or Hangs in few minutes,if it runs then it is very very slow.

Motherboard Hangs.
Pc running very slow.

The problem can be related to hardware or software.
The software related issues can be solved by formatting or deleting unwanted files and downloads.

The issues related to hardware are explained here.

If its confirmed that all software related problem is clear,then problem is with PC desktop motherboard itself.


Faulty MCH or ICH.


Please Note:---

On most of such cases the problem really occurs due to faulty ICH. Also known as south-bridge.

The solder balls beneath the ICH chipset gets weak or loose/dried up.
In that case,heat the ICH chip set with Hot Air Blower Gun.
If the solder balls are loose or dried up,then re-heating the ICH chip will re-solder the ICH to motherboard and these problem will get solved.
So before proceeding further first try re-heating the ICH chip set.

One more thing,when such problem occurs,you will notice that Either MCH or ICH chip will get too much overheated and very hot to touch.

So you will come to know,which chip set is causing the problem.

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These details will help.

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