Monday, November 5, 2012

Understanding SOP-8 Package OPAM

OPAM is also known as Operational Amplifier.

There is no difference between SOP-8 Regulator and SOP-8 OPAM.

The only difference to identify these two components is the Ground pin.

On regulator the Pin number 2 is Ground and on OPAM pin number 4 is Ground.

See below the Image of common SOP-8 package OPAM and its pin configuration details:-----

operational amplifier

You can see that 4th pin in OPAM is ground pin.Pin 8 takes the volt in.Its the VCC pin.The particular OPAM shown is DUAL OPAM.
The output on OPAM depends on Volt out requirement.

The Two inputs inverting and non-inverting input.

Either these two input get Add to receive output OR these Two input are multiplied to get one output OR these two inputs are compared to get one output.

These OPAM are mostly seen on Desktop and Laptop motherboard.

On desktop near Ram power supply section many a times Dual OPAM is used.

These details will help.

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