Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ford Escort: 4 way flasher not working or direction indicators

4 way flasher and direction indicators not working at all on Ford Escort Cabriolet vehicle.

On such cases the problem is most probably,few of things.
Either is problem with wiring,the wires getting loose at its connections or getting short or burnt out in between somewhere.

Or the problem is with faulty bulbs.Lamps getting blown out and replacing the lamps with its exact required lamp helps.So check the lamps.

Or the problem is with flasher relay or the issue is with the indicator switch.The indicator switch also called as Hazard switch.

If the basics like bulbs and wiring's checked ok and confirmed ok,that they are working out properly,then the issue relates with either faulty flasher relay or its faulty hazard switch.

The flasher relay,

The relay is connected on to the back of the indicator arm switch - you need to remove the cowling from around the steering column behind the steering wheel - and then you can see the little black flasher unit...

Sometimes its difficult to actually see if you have not seen one before as its all black - but its there.. If you get the new one - you will see what you are looking for...

You just have to remove the old one out and push fit the new one in. Take care of the little clip aside to allow the old one out.If it breaks then new unit will not get grip to remain there properly.

Some people find it easier to remove the whole switch to do it - but its not compulsory it can be done without.

Sometimes the actual indicator switch ( arm ) fails on these - but the first thing to change to be sure is the flasher relay.Most of such cases the relay is faulty.
Its also not the very costly part to replace.

If after replacing the relay,the problem is not solved then hazard switch has to be replaced.Just before replacing the switch,just inspect the wires going to the switch.Do they look ok or shorted or loose somewhere in between or towards there connection to the switch.
If all wires look ok and intact,then replacing hazard switch will help to take care of the problem.

These details will help.

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