Saturday, November 3, 2012

MotherBoard Will Not Start With 4-Pin ATX power connected

No start on motherboard when 4-Pin ATX power connector is connected,but once the 4-pin Atx power connector is removed the motherboard turns ON but no display.


Faulty PWM section.


Test PWM section and replace faulty components,or it can also be faulty PWM chip.

The PWM section is main power section on Motherboard.The complete power supply system starts with SMPS power supply.The Power supply voltages go to PWM section and other section.But CPU Processor gets Vid core voltages to operate from PWM section.
If PWM section is not working or PWM section components are short.
Then motherboard will not start with 4-Pin Atx power connector connected.
But once the 4-pin Power connector is disconnected,the mother board will turn ON.

If PWM section is not working,then processor will not stat,if processor will not start then there will no display.

These details will help.

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