Monday, November 5, 2012

Understanding Power Trench DUAL Mosfet

Power Trench Dual mosfet concept,in dual channel mosfet two mosfets are integrated in one package.

It can only be identified by datasheet.It will tell whether the component is mosfet or any other thing.

See the image shown below to understand the concept of Dual Mosfet.

In the image below the Highside is named Q1 And Low side is named as Q2.

S is source,D is drain and G is gate.

dual mosfet

Please Note:-- Source of highside Q1 and drain of Lowside Q2 are internally connected.

In the image of power trench dual mosfet
Pin 1,5 and 6  are High side source and low side gate.
Pin 7 and 8 are high side drain pins.
pin 2 is high side gate.
Pin 3 is low side source.
Pin 4 is low side gate.

On laptop motherboards you will see these power trench dual mosfet and these detail and diagram will help you.

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