Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 way flashers on 97 outback won't turn OFF

4 way flashers on  1997 Subaru outback won't turn OFF.

Flashers not turning OFF,these problem is mostly related to issue with alarm or the problem is with the hazard switch which controls the flasher unit.

If the switch is not responding to its functions,the light will just remain on,or if the switch gets stuck in one position,the same problem occurs.

The options you can try out is ..............

Try to shut off the switch completely.

If that is not helping then remove the alarm connections and see.
Most on all factory and aftermarket alarm systems there is a RESET button option provided.
But on some rare systems the RESET  option is not there.On that cases you have to remove the alarm nd see if that is helping to take care of the flashers not working issues.

But if problem is same as before even after removing the alarm system then its the problem of security system.

PLEASE NOTE: ON Subaru Outback vehicle the hazard lights switch are located in the middle of the dash above cup-holder not on the steering column like alot of cars.

Also there is a hazard switch push button,by which the lights are turned off and ON.If these button is pushed then light will not turn OFF.See that push button.Try pushing that button twice and see if its working or not.

Another possibility for these same problem is battery getting disconnected.f the vehicle battery gets disconnected then such problems occurs after the battery is reconnected.

If in your case same thing has happened then in that case there is a reset procedure.

These procedure has helped ......

The details for these procedure is as follows :-------

Disconnect the battery first.Clean the battery connections,Both negative as well as positive one.After that
Reconnect the battery and with lights flashing follow the procedure mentioned below:------

 First of all locate the security or keyless entry system reset button

on 97  Subaru Outback year model the keyless reset button is located under the dash between pedals and bottom of dash .Its a black color button located on left side.

What you have to do the reset is press the button in and at the same time turn the key to the on position

(Do not start the car just turn to the on position)

for about 20 seconds and it will reset.

On most of such cases these procedure has helped.

If you have confirmed that all other above mentioned possibilities checked ok,then these RESET procedure will definitely help.

These details will help.

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