Saturday, November 17, 2012

1990 Chevy Lumina 4-Way Flasher Not

Four Way Flasher not working.

Where is the flasher unit located for Chevy Lumina

As per your vehicle details provided,

1990 Chevy Lumina  probably has two flashers - one on the fuse box and they hide one.
The part # number is absolutely same for both flashers  and configuration too.

I suggest you to try swapping them the see if troubles follow. One flasher for hazards and other flasher unit controls the directions.

Usually they do so if bulbs work for directional's and not for hazards than just because it's possible I'd switch the flashers.

ONE Flasher unit will be plugged into the interior fuse box and the other Flasher unit may be above the brake and gas pedal .
The Flasher is located: Front seating area, passenger side, under dash, below glove compartment, mounted on lower right corner of relay block .

These is how the flasher unit looks,see the 4-way Flasher unit image shown below:----
Chevy flasher unit

So as per the problem.
It can be faulty flasher unit out of two,or its faulty hazard switch or blown bulbs.
If all checked ok,then its problem of wiring,that has to be visually checked,for breaks,loose connections or short in between.

These details will help.

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