Saturday, November 3, 2012

Colors Missing On Display

Missing Colors on Display.

First of all it can be software or setting related issue.

But if its not the case,then problem is related to motherboard.

To confirm the problem,it is very simple.
Just test the voltage on first pin of VGA port.
Its the square soldered pin on motherboard,the other pins will be circle in shape.
So you can easily rectify which is power supply pin.
The square power supply pin takes input 5 voltage.
Just test the voltages on these first pin.If the voltages are ok,these confirms that port is not the issue.

So the main issue for missing colors on display is components near VGA port.
On motherboard near to VGA connect/port there is a Transistor,resistor or inductor controlling the colors for display.

There are three primary colors.

Red,Blue and green.

Now these three colors gets mixed and you see unlimited color on display.

All these colors are controlled by transistor,resistor or inductor.

Beside or very near to VGA connector you will see.
Three resistor or transistor or inductor connected in parallel to each other.

Which color is missing as per that,the respective component for that color is is faulty or loose.Needs to be re-soldered or replaced and these will solve the problem.

These details will help.

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