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What to Do When Car Turns Over But Won't Start?

Here in these article we will share the details to be inspected for the problem such as car won't start.

For old model old days car repairing was not very difficult,because all system operation was manually operative. So repairing that problems was very easy.

But now with latest automobile systems, every thing gets controlled in your vehicle by on board computer control systems and highly advanced technology operating within.

On these latest car self doers can't do much.

Because you cannot test the computer.And computer can only be tested by professional service centers.
There are scan tool which test the computer system of your vehicle and throws the error code out on the display.
Now with these error code you can identify where the problem is.

Yes i definitely agree that vehicles fault finding gets definitely easy,but cost to identify these fault really becomes hectic.

But there are some basic faults,which don't need scan tool to confirm.That you can figure out on your own.

We will discuss that issues below :------

Car not starting or turning over indicates towards multiple possibilities. It can be issue with battery or weak battery. But if battery checks out ok, then it can be starter issue or faulty alternator or problem with low fuel pressure or no spark at spark plugs due to dirty spark plugs or faulty ignition coil or injectors getting cracked or dirty and needs to be cleaned.

First of all understand cars working theory.

When you insert the car key in ignition key hole.The car gets started.
At that time the engine cycle and fuel gets flow to burn ,these powers the car and it moves ahead in forward or reverse direction.

The first thing what happens when you  turn the key in car ignition switch, power is supplied to the starter motor.
Now when starter motor starts in function ,this in return gives command to crankshaft and  crankshaft starts turning, which moves the engine pistons into a compression stroke.

Now when the pistons engage in the compression stroke.
The  engine's inlet vent opens.This lets air fuel mixture into the chamber and spark plugs produce a spark that ignites the compressed fuel, to begin the engine cycle.And these cycle continues through out till the car is running.
NOW when you say "My car will not start" the problem can be anywhere between these car running cycle.

IF car will not start at all...............
Then the problem can be no fuel or faulty ignition switch or wrong key getting used or its dead battery or problem with battery connections.

But here in these section we will discuss the problem ..............................
Car engine turns but stops short of actually starting. It turns over right ,but will not start.

First confirm the fuel issue,if the fuel is very low or if the fuel is getting leaked then it can be the issue.

Another thing can be low fuel pressure.If the fuel pressure is low,then required fuel will not reach the engine to get your vehicle started.
Every vehicle requires certain Fuel PSI to get started.If the pressure is less then vehicle will not start.

There are fuel PSI pressure testes available for rent and for buy at autoparts stores.
If the fuel pressure checks ok,then another thing is fuel pump relay.These is the relay which command the fuel pump to start and stop.If the relay is not operating then fuel pump will not get started and car will not start.

The relay is located in engine compartment fuse box.

Inspect the relay.If its faulty replace it.

NOW, if fuel pump,its pressure and relay checked ok,then another thing is dirty clogged fuel filter.The fuel runs from fuel pump to the engine chamber via a filter called fuel filter.If these filter is clogged and got dirty,then it will block the fuel or at least reduce the fuel flow pressure which engine requires.

So inspect the condition of fuel filter too.

AFTER THAT .......
Inspect car battery,but as its already mentioned that car turns over but will not start,these clears that battery is working.And because starter is working the engine turns over.So battery and starter are assumed to be OK.On very rare cases the issue is dirty wiring connections for battery,starter and alternator causing such possibilities.

Another possibility for car not starting is faulty spark plugs.

The engine fuel reaches the spark plugs and plugs ignites the spark and these starts the vehicle.If the spark plugs are very old or very dried up,the spark required will not be ignited and car will not start.Also sometimes carbon layers gets collected on the top of spark plugs and that causes the problem.On that case get the spark plugs cleaned.Get the spark plugs and connected wires checked and replaced if possible. Another reason for spark plugs not working might be flooding of fuel.If spark plugs look very old and not giving proper spark.I suggest getting the spark plugs replaced.

If all the above mentioned possibilities are checked ok,then another reason for car no starting is loose or cracked timing belt.
The timing belt is not able to create the required tension and these causes no start issues.
To confirm whether timing belt is faulty or good.Open the hood and visually inspect the condition of timing belt.If its very old and looks cracked then it has to be replaced.If the timing belt looks good but its very loose then readjust the timing belt to its required tension,as per mentioned in owners manual of your vehicle.Or else local auto garage mechanic can do that for you.

Like fuel filter there are air filters that also gets clogged.If such filters are clogged then replacing the filters is best possible option,instead of cleaning the filters and re-using the same old one.

About parts i will say.
Always buy branded parts instead of cheap quality low cost third garage auto parts,
These local parts are definitely cheap but they don't last long and don't even match to the original parts performance.

And also you need to buy another part in few days or may be in weeks.
Whereas original part come with warranty and there quality itself speaks.They last very long and give best of the vehicle performance.

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