Saturday, November 3, 2012

Understanding Components Used On Your Motherboard

If you are dealing Motherboard repairing then please understand the very basic electric components used on motherboard.

There Basic Applications of Micro components will help you to understand the components on your Motherboard.

The components like capacitors,resistors,diodes,zener diodes,transistors,coils,filter coil and choke coil,regulators,fusible resistors.

Each components is described below with its working procedure and details:-----

Capacitor:---- To maintain the flow of electrical voltages,i.e the potential difference between positive and negative terminals.
In easy way,the potential difference between negative and positive poles is voltage and to maintain that potential difference capacitor is used.
The measuring unit of capacitor is farad.Its micro farad,nano farad and Pico farad.

Resistor:--- The resistor resists/limits the flow of voltage as well as the current.
In case of capacitor,it just controls flow of voltage,but no deal with current.

Diodes:--- Basic semiconductor diodes,the normal diode and zer diode,these are mostly used on motherboards.The diodes are forward bias.They will not let the voltage flow in reverse mode.
The diode is used to convert AC voltage to DC voltage.

Regulators,transistors and Mosfets:--- These semiconductors are used mostly as power supply for IC chips on motherboards.

Fusible resistors :-- These resistor are mostly of 0 ohms and there are used to supply similar voltage to its respective port.The fusible resistors are used as for safety purpose.The Ports and IC chips on motherboard requires accurate voltage.If the voltage is less no problem,the chip will not operate.But if voltage gets higher the ports and IC chips can get damaged,in that case the fusible resistor shorts itself to save further damage to board.

See below the details for other components :-----

motherboard components

An average Mosfet reading should be between 240 ohms to 960 ohms.
Please Note when a mosfet shows reading between 450 OHMS to 550 OHMS then it is considered to be very good mosfet.

See below other very important components details:----

there are 2 types of transistors. NPN and PNP.
When base is positive its NPN and where base is negative its PNP transistors.
NPN transistor receives voltage on emitter and volt out is from collector and in case of PNP transistors the volt in is on collector and volt out is on emitter.

In regulators the N type regulator lower the voltage, whereas the P-type regulator supplies similar or more voltage from output.

semiconductors and coil testing

Go through further details regarding Zener diode and fusible resistors used on your motherboard:----

Zener Diode can breakdown on excess of 60 percent of its capacity.Beyond that if any excess voltage are received then zener diode gets short and send all voltages to Ground protecting the load.

See the help diagram shown below:----

testing electric components

Please Note:--- On desktop motherboards, fusable resistors are used to supply +5 Volts to the input - output ports of motherboard.
The +5 volt power supply is provided to the ports via these fusible resistors.So if any dame or overvoltage comes the resistor get fused saving the port from getting damaged.

These details will help.

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