Saturday, November 3, 2012

No SMPS Power Good on Super I/O Chip

When the power ON button is pressed on desktop,at that time the SMPS power good is received on ATX Power Good Pin of Super I/O Chip.

If these power good voltage is not received on ATX Pin of Super I/O chip the mother board will not turn ON.
It will seem,that its dead motherboard even though all voltages are been received.

The power good is very important voltage.

In case if there power good voltages are not received,you can apply jumper.

See the image below,that will show you where to apply jumper .......

No ATX +5 Voltage on Super I/O Chip:----

Smps Power Good

Now as per super I/O chip datasheet,it will tell you which pin is for Atx Power Good.
Jumper Grey wire moles pin to Atx Power Good of Super I/O pin.

These details will help.

All go through these help links for more Troubleshooting:------