Friday, November 23, 2012

Troubleshooting Car Battery

These section covers all possible battery related problem in your vehicle.

Its a useful Car battery troubleshooting guide which you can refer to solve battery related problem with your vehicle.

Battery problem in your car is sometimes very easy to identify,but on some cases you just ignore the battery issue,when its actually the problem with your vehicles battery..At our Autogarage Repair center,we have seen new batteries coming faulty.

Sometimes the battery shows same voltage(12volt),but still its faulty.This is because battery getting old.A basic life of car battery is approx 2 to 4 years.Its not that it will not perform after 4 years but mostly these batteries are to be replaced,to make your vehicles electrical system upto mark.

Regarding replacing car batteries i will say.Always buy branded batteries if possible.Why because local aftermarket batteries are made up of weak internal cells.Cells are inside the battery,which actually hold the charge.If the cells are weak,then battery will not remain charged or loose its charge in few hours.

A branded battery is bit costly,but you will really enjoy its performance.Also if in case a new brand original battery gets faulty,you have warranty on it.So there is no risk of investing in original genuine battery product.
As compared to aftermaket local batteries,they don't come with warranty and there is just few months guaranty provided.
Some times these aftermarket low cost batteries don't get completely faulty,but there performance will be very weak or it will not support your vehicles system.

Here in these section, we have mentioned types of Auto battery related problems with there respective solutions to troubleshoot the car battery problem.

Also details are provided to maintain your vehicles battery,for more battery life.

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