Saturday, November 3, 2012

Motherboard Immediately Restarts

Motherboard Restart Issue.

PC restarts again n again.


1) Overheating Processor.

2) Faulty PWM chip or problem in PWM section.

3) Faulty MCH( Memory Controller Hub) North Bridge.

4) Faulty ICH( Input - Output Controller Hub) South Bridge.


1) Every motherboard CPU Processor requires some specified voltages.
See the voltages on PWM filter Coil and match them with specification of CPU VID voltages.

For what voltage a CPU needs go to CPU manufacturer site and Insert CPU serial number on that site.
It will give CPU details.
For example:-- In case of Intel Brand CPU,go to ark.intel.com and insert CPU serial number these will give complete detail of Intel CPU and in that confirm what voltage that CPU needs to Run.

2) Test Power Good voltages ,Vcc voltages,Bst voltages, EN voltages of PWM chip.
a) VCC - 5 Volt or 12 Volt ( You can confirm that in PWM chip datasheet).
b) BST - 5 Volt or 12 Volt ( You can confirm that in PWM chip datasheet).
c) Power Good - Minimum 1.2 Volts to 3.5 volts.
d) EN - 12 voltages to make the chip function.

If these voltages are not there or not satisfactory then PWM chip is faulty and needs to be replaced.

NOTE:--- Power Good Voltages of PWM chip can only be tested with CPU inserted on motherboard.

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These details will help.

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