Friday, November 16, 2012

electronic throttle control indicator light is flashing

The Throttle light flashing,power loss during driving,rough idle issues.


Some customers may experience intermittent MIL illumination with electronic throttle
control (ETC) lamp Illumination. 
This may occur during high vehicle speeds or load conditions. Limp in may occur. If the vehicle ignition is “Keyed” off and the vehicle restarted, the vehicle will operate normally. 

On Dodge Truck models OBD codes P2173 and on Jeep models P2015
Further investigation by the technician may find  DTC P2173 - High Airflow/Vacuum Leak Detected (Slow Accumulation).

Sounds like another swirl motor failure. Pull the codes. If you have P2015 then you probably have a swirl motor failure. 

Also if you notice error code P2010,then also its related to Swirl motor.
DTC P2010 is "Intake Manifold Runner (Swirl) Control Circuit High"

This is a computer software update -- takes approx 1 hour to do.

What does "limp in" mean?
It probably is the Swirl Motor did it go into limp mode.
Its most likely the Swirl motor has been contaminated with an oil drip.
Any oil present under the Turbo inlet pipe?? (Swirl motor failure brings the ETC light on).

As per dealer .....
it's the Swirl pot Actuator that is faulty and needs to be replaced.

The oil vapor is sent to the air intake pipe - at which point the oil coalesces & forms a pool in the pipe, which gets past a crappy seal & drops onto an electric (swirl chamber) motor, which then dies. 

The throttle light is coming on due to a bad computer program of the electronic throttle -- the repair requires the controller to be updated with new software.

If the computer flash is not of any help -- you are looking at throttle body replacement -- which would be rare.


Unplugging the battery for a minute resets it.But these will not last long.

I would say your swirl motor has failed. eventually the vehicle will stay in limp mode and you won't be able to clear the code.

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