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Turn Signals Work but 4-Way Flasher Don't

2009 Mazda 3  Four-Way flasher not working but Turn Signal not working

As per these model of Mazda 3 ,there is no fuse that controls the 4-way Flasher like other brand vehicles.

On these model Mazda 3 ..............

the turn signal and hazard switches send a ground signal to the BCM which runs the lights depending on what signals it receives. There is no fuse in this system so the switch input should be checked.
The switch  ground signal to the computer has to be checked. The switch can be replaced by removing the center panel of the dash board.


The BCM is the Body Control Module and does have a fuse but it controls the turn signals and many other body functions so a fuse is not involved here IN CASE OF NO 4-WAY FLASHER WORKING PROBLEM.

What i suggest you to start the troubleshooting of these problem is ,
remove the hazard switch  and use a paperclip to connect its terminals together. If the hazard lights come on replace the switch. If they do not use your voltmeter with one lead on a 12 volt source and the other to the paperclip to see if you see 12 volts. If you do not the ground is failed.

These procedure wil let you know where exactly the source of problem is.
Is it faulty switch or issue with power supply to the switch or the issue with NO ground connection to the switch.


The details as per your 2009 Year Mazda 3 Vehicle model
Their will be  4 pins in the switch (male) and 4 in the female plug.

There are 2 separate wires in each side of the female plug with matching color codes on the wires.
Each pair has a black wire and a black with orange stripe.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO IS ...............

there is a lamp in the switch. You want to connect the two orange/black stripe wires together, this is what the switch does when it closes.

The lights should  come on if you jumper the orange/black wires together on the wire harness.

All the hazard switch does is close one of the orange/black wire to the other one. The other wiring is for the lighting of the switch.

There is no need to test the voltage here on these harness,because .............
You will not see any voltage here it is a ground signal to the computer that runs the lighting.

Also let the battery remain connected as it is.No need to disconnect the battery terminals at all.


Above i have mentioned about paper clip procedure.

You have to use a voltmeter with one lead to a 12 volt power source in the vehicle and the other lead to the paperclip to see if ground is present?
You will have ground if you show battery voltage. No voltage shows no ground.

If no voltage shows up,then you know that switch is not getting power supply,so that is the cause.
But if all voltages are received,then ground is also ok,in that case the junction connection on the passenger fuse block needs to be checked.

The orange/black pin AC of J04  of the box is the same wire from the hazard switch. Ground this wire at the connector and see if you can turn the hazard lights on that way.
If you still cannot open the connector and inspect the pins to see if there is any damage. A shop with the correct tool can trigger the computer to turn the lights on and be sure they work that way but if they cannot the fuse block will need to be replaced.

As per the issue described,on most of such cases its faulty Hazard switch or loose wire causing the problem.

These details will help.

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