Sunday, November 4, 2012

Car shakes like the wheels are going to fall off

While driving at highway speeds car shakes like wheels are going to fall off.

This problem is always noticed while driving at high speed,mostly above 50 Kmph.

Car shakes really bad,when accelerated
It is the whole car shaking not just the steering wheel.

It can be issue with

  • Motor mounts 
  • Transmission mount 
  • Tie rod ends or tie rod ends rubber is  torn up 
  • The wheel bearings worn out  
  • The wheels getting  shimmy to them at all.


Solution 1:---
First of all check the brakes, see if the wheels are correctly seated on the hub.
Inspect everything is properly  torqued down.
Confirm tires are in good condition .
Also see if rims are warped.
Some times the problem arises  if wheel weights fell off,a slight-miss-alignment will not cause severe vibrating.

Solution 2:--
Vehicle shakes while driving:----

  • Bent rim or wheel bearing or bad cv joint on front wheel drive.
  •  A noise is heard loud then it probably the CV axle / joint. 
  • Also check and inspect  the boot on it. If  boots are worn/ torn then its the problem. 

Solution 3:---

Properly check the Tie rods and the lower ball joints.
Also check the lug nuts are tight and not got loose.
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