Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turn Signal Not working

There are few possibilities that can cause these problem:-----

It can be faulty fuse or issue with relay or the problem is flasher unit.

The components in a turn signal circuit are the fuse, relay, flasher, turn signal switch, instrument cluster and the turn signal bulbs and sockets or circuit boards themselves.

If the turn signal light turns on but stays steady lit then problem is flasher unit.

On most of vehicles these  flasher unit is located under the dash on the driver's side. It is always near the steering column and is the size of a normal relay. It can either be square or round and usually has the word DOT on the top.So by these you can easily identify the flasher unit.

Most of the time it is the switch. The same switch controls headlights and other things but inside the switch, everything is electrically separate. It is quite possible that the switch lost the internal contacts for the turn signals and nothing else.So every other light is working but turn signal lights not working,even though the bulbs are checked OK.
These is one solved problem related to no turn signals working on Honda Accord vehicle,go through the details.

The customers problem.
The turn signals not working,replaced turn signal switch and flasher unit,also replaced the fuses controlling the turn signal switch.

Experts reply:--- Check the wiring for turn signal,it can be loose,got cut in between or short or ground some where.
unplug the connector at the turn signal and check power at the white wire with a green stripe.

Customers reply,solved the problem by wiggling the Hazard switch,

Played and wiggled the wiring  with the hazard switch with the key in the on position.When I pushed the hazard button to turn it off it stayed engaged so i pryed it out with a stick pin. so i thought just maybe it stayed  engaged just enough to interrupt the signal switch.So i tried the signals and they started working.
Problem solved thanks.


Another issue for 2006 Honda Accord vehicle,
the left side turn signal not working.

Light bulbs are checked good and all other indicators work fine.
The hazard switch on right works fine.

Experts reply:---
The very most common issue is a shorted hazard switch which happens all the time.The other issue is a faulty drivers side multiplex unit located in the drivers side fuse box and needs to be checked next if the hazard switch checks out.As long as the actual turn signal switch is ok this needs to be checked next.

On some cases the wiring gets crimped and cut somewhere in between causing the problem.
Start with visually viewing the wiring.


2003 Honda accord turn signals and brake light bulbs are not working,but the bulbs are good and tested fine on other side.

Experts reply:---

The issue can be faulty brake light switch, or issue with turn signal switch or its wiring issue.
See the brake light wiring diagram for Honda accord:---

brake light wiring diagram

The issue can be in the brake light switch itself.This needs to be checked next.It can also be losing the ground inside the socket .I would start there

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