Thursday, November 29, 2012

OVERHEATING: Radiator Fan Not Working

Engine Cooling Fan not Working

No cooling fan cause ENGINE OVERHEATING

Engine Cooling fan is also called as Radiator Fan.

Engine cooling fan is very useful component of engine system.

At the times when vehicles engine gets heated up/ warmed up the cooling fan starts running and these brings the engine back to its actual heat level.If the cooling fan is not running then engine will first get basic hot and then get overheated and at last get damaged.
So to prevent/ save engine from getting overheated and damaged Engine cooling fan is used.

When the engine gets warmed after driving few miles,to cool down the engine running components the coolant is passed through the engine blocks.The coolant runs to the area of engine where components are hot.The coolant is actually heat absorbing fluid.The hot coolant then runs towards the inlet tank of the radiator.From the radiator reservoir the coolant gets  and distributed across the radiator core. Now from radiator tubes the coolant gets collected to the opposite tank of radiator and it cools again. The cold coolant is fed back to the engine, and the cycle repeats.

What is Radiator?
A combination of Valves and/or baffles incorporated in a unit is what we call radiator.The radiator gets operated by these  valves and baffles. The  radiator, and its blower fan as a unit is called heater core.
Heater core is what serves to warm the cabin interior. Working of both radiator and heater core is similar.Like the radiator, the heater core acts by removing heat from the engine.
On case of vehicle overheating is suggested and advisable to turn on the heater and set it to high.These removes the hot air from engine department to brig the engine at its cooling temperature.

If the heater code is plugged or clogged you notice overheating issues.On that case instead of replacing heater core,flushing the clog from heater core helps.

How to Flush Heater Core

The radiator has two sections.One has actual coolant and other where hot coolant from engine gets collected.These heated coolant gets cool down in these section and again it enters the first section from where it enters the engine.

Now the main question is how actually the hot coolant gets cool down in radiator section.The answer to these is by radiator cooling fan/engine cooling fan.

The fan blows out the hot air and lets the coolant get cool down in radiator.If the fan is not operating correctly then coolant will not cool down and same heated coolant liquid/fluid will re-enter the warmed up engine and the reason you notice is overheating engine.

Also if radiator is got blocked by dust particles,then it will not let the coolant to enter the engine or the coolant flow will be reduced and engine gets over heated.on that cases Flushing the radiator helps.

Howto flush cars radiator


It can be issue with faulty motor or its faulty fan control relay.

Both are to be inspected.
Test volt at fan relay and fan motor.
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