Saturday, November 3, 2012

Motherboard HDD not getting Detected

Hard Disk Drive Not Getting Detected

HDD not getting detected on Motherboard.

The Hard disk is new and already checked ok,but still not getting detected on your motherboard.
Then its problem of the port where HDD is getting connected.

The reasons for HDD not getting detected:----

1) Required power supply is not getting to the HDD port connector.

2) A faulty ICH ( also called as south bridge).

The possible solutions to troubleshoot these problem:-----

The HDD port is soldered to the motherboard.These port receives +5 Volts as power supply to start functioning.
These port receives +5 volt via a fusible resistor.
If that voltage is not getting to the HDD port then it will not function.
No +5 Volt on First square Pin of IDE or Sata port of HDD.
So test the voltage on first square pin of HDD port,if the voltages are not satisfactory,then apply jumper to these port from any fusible resistor to these port where 5 volts are received.

For your information.
Most all on-board ports on motherboard operates/runs on +5 Volt power supply.
the VGA port, the LPT port,the PS2 port,the USB port,etc.
Connect jumper from fusible resistor of any of these ports to HDD port and it will start receiving the power supply required and HDD will get detected and start working.


But if the required +5 volts are coming on power supply pin of HDD port then the other possibility is ICH also called South Bridge.

The ICH is BGA chip,the soldering balls of these chip gets loose underneath and looses its contact with board and some functions stop working.In that case,you can heating ICH by hot air gun and see if that is helping to get the Port working.

When the ICH is heated to its heating temperature the underneath soldered balls gets melted a bit and gets reconnected to the motherboard and these makes the not-working port work again,.
But if that re-heating ICH is not helping then ICH has to be replaced or ICH re-balling has to be done.

These details will help.

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