Friday, November 30, 2012

Shift Lever Bezel Replacement

Gear  Shift Lever Console Removal

Removal Procedure
  1. Remove the gearshift knob

  2. Once the gear shift know is out the console can be easily removed:---

to remove console you need  flat-bladed plastic tool.The tool to  release the 4 clips retaining the bezel to the floor console.
Be careful don't pull the assembly after the clips are released.There is electrical connector to be removed.
Disconnect the electrical connector from the power switch module.

Remove the bezel from the vehicle.

  1. See above. the diagram showing how to remove the console:----

    gear shift console

Installation Procedure is reverse of removal:---

  1. As the bezel is removed last,so while installing bezel will go fit first for installing.
  2. Position the bezel to the floor console.

  3. Connect the electrical connector to the power switch module.
  4. Install the bezel to the floor console.
  5. Install the gearshift knob. 

The Gear shift knob and console are replaced.

These details will help.

For car not changing gears it can be shifter assembly issue, or it can also be transmission issue. Get the shifter assembly inspected with ignition OFF.
For more troubleshooting, I suggest you to get the Following help link checked, its complete step by step procedure to inspect gear shift issues: -----