Monday, February 6, 2012

Tail lights and dash light fuse keeps blowing on Chevy?

Inspect the socket where fuse is inserted.Also confirm,that your are replacing the fuse with correct AMP and not less AMP fuse.
Basically in most of cases.this fuses blows out when headlight is turned ON.

This fuse has a splice in the dash that then feeds the dash lights and the rear lights. It can be a wire in the rear of the vehicle or even a bad bulb. I have noticed few cases at my garage where the licence bulb was bad and caused this same problem. Also  check all the rear wiring and even split the rear wiring off using the connector under the brake master cylinder to see if the issue is in the back.

Getting this possibilities checked will help you to confirm the problem.

This will help.

For more related help solution,i suggest you to check this solution.
It has location of all fuse and fuse panel.