Tuesday, February 7, 2012

P0174, P0037 and P2197 on Toyota RAV4?

In this cases,the ignition coils and oxygen sensors are the cause of problem.

Unfortunately its seen that the ignition coils go bad on this particular engine. The issue regarding the P0174 and the P 2197 could be related to an intake leak or possibly a vacuum hose that is allowing excessive air to enter into the front bank i.e. bank 2. The problem with these two codes in combination is trying to decipher which one came first. If the AFR sensor for bank two is malfunctioning it will trigger the P0174 code along with the P 2197 code. However if you develop an intake leak or a vacuum hose gets knocked off that is primarily fed into the front bank or bank two the P0174 code will set then by default the P 2197 code will follow. It becomes a matter of diagnosing the problem correctly as opposed to somebody throwing parts at the car to resolve a problem. 

There is also a technical service bulletin that addresses many issues with misdiagnosing AFR sensor and oxygen sensor problems. 
A lot of shops do this in correctly. 

The technical service bulletin number is T-SB-0001-10. 

Unfortunately the P0037 code deals with the heater circuit that is built into bank one sensor two oxygen sensor. 90% of the time when you have a heater circuit code malfunction indicated it usually means the sensor itself is bad. You can resistance check the heater element in the oxygen sensors to verify this. Simply put you're probably looking at replacing the one oxygen sensor but before you replace the expensive AFR sensor 

This possibilities will help you.

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