Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nissan Pathfinder Backfires?

There are few possibilities that can cause this backfire problem.

fuel filter, incorrect spark plug gap, wrong timing, bad cap and or rotor, damaged spark plug wires, emission components starting to go bad, low or uneven compression in one or more cylinders, leaky EGR, weak or bad ignition coil, idle speed needs adjustment, vacuum hose/intake manifold leak...

I'm sure it's a simple fix, just have to look for it.

These trucks are a little harder to diagnose since they were not OBD2, so I can give you recommendations on what it could be, but you will need to have it checked to verify.

First off, the most common thing for stalling and hard start is the distributor it's self. On a truck that old, that is the first thing I would check if you came in to my shop with these complains. I would also stick the sniffer in the tail pipe to see how it's running, rich or lean. If running lean, could indicate a MAF sensor problem.

This details will help.

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