Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Service manual for service manual for Cub Cadet Series 1000 Model LT1042?

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For free owners manual of Cub Cadet Series 1000 Model LT1042.
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How to replace drive belt on Cub Cadet Series 1000 Model LT1042?
The LT1042 features two belts: one driving the transmission and one inside the deck. The drive belt on the deck spins the blade to cut the grass.
  • Place the lawn mower on a flat, level surface.

  • Disconnect the battery by removing the black wire from the battery terminal first, then the red wire. This prevents the mower from receiving power. Move the wires away from the battery terminals to prevent contact.

  • Lower the mower deck by pulling the deck lift lever towards the driver seat, pushing the lever down, then release. The tab on the lever must be in the last notch.

  • Remove the belt guard by loosening the two screws using a Phillips screwdriver. The belt guard is located on top and in the middle of the mower deck.

  • Remove the belt keeper rod by pulling it off. The rod is located on the main pulley under the belt guard.

  • Place the drive on the ratchet wrench into the square hole on the idler bracket. The drive is the square section of the ratchet wrench that attaches to a socket. The idler bracket is located between the two pulleys on top of the mower deck.

  • Turn the ratchet wrench handle towards the front of the mower deck to release tension on the belt.

  • Remove the drive belt from around the pulleys on the mower deck.

  • Place a new drive belt around the pulleys on the mower deck. Check the operator's manual to see the exact route of the belt.

  • Add tension to the belt by placing the drive of the ratchet wrench into the square on the idler bracket and turn the handle towards the rear of the mower deck.

  • Place the belt keeper rod on the main pulley.

  • Place the belt guard on top and in the middle of the mower deck. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver to hold the belt guard in place.

  • Reconnect the wires to the battery terminal to provide power to the mowe

  • Raise the deck to the desired height using the deck lift lever.

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