Sunday, June 26, 2011

how to add coolant on 1993 Honda VT 600 C Shadow?

With the motorcycle engine cold , located the radiator cap on or just behind the radiator and fill the radiator to the top. Then, locate the over flow bottle often placed down by your feet and fill the bottle to the high mark. Ride the motorcycle and recheck the level of the over flow bottle after the cool down period. Top up as needed.
Before changing coolant have your radiator cap tested to be sure it holds pressure. That's a common way to loose coolant without leaving a puddle.
If you want to see where is coolant reserve tank over flow tube.then click this link below and check page number 24-6.

The "reserve" tank is actually an overflow tank. As the fluid in the rad and engine heats up it expands and that fluid needs somewhere to go. There is a min max level on the tank and is should be filled to at least min. This is for when the opposite is true and the bike cools down after a ride the fluid needs to go back into the rad. Over time there will be some loss of fluid but not much.

You can check the rad itself but chances are its full or mostly full. make sure you use premixed fluid or fluid and distilled water. NOT TAP WATER.

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