Thursday, June 30, 2011

how to replace the front wheel hub bearings on Isuzu trooper 4 w/d

Remove the drive flange (6 bolts), circlip, washer and undo locking tab by removing 3 screws. Then you get access to the main hub nut which you have to remove with tool.

The bearings fall under Auto Hub removal since the hubs must be removed to change the wheel bearings. They do not give you bearing race R & R but you will need to use a punch to hammer the bearing races out of the hubs and a seal driver to install the new races if you plan to replace the races which is required with new bearings. Here is the procedure for Auto hub removal.



1.Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel and brake caliper. Wire
caliper aside. Remove 6 bolts and locking hub cover.
2.Remove snap ring and shim. Remove hub flange. Remove lock screw
and washer. Using Hub Nut Wrench (J-36827), remove hub nut.
Remove outer bearing with hub and rotor assembly. Mark hub and
rotor relation if they are to be separated.


1.Ensure hub flange, lock washer and axle splines are clean.
Install hub and rotor assembly with bearings. Install hub nut
with chamfered edge facing outward. Tighten hub nut to 21 ft.
lbs. (29 N.m), and then loosen.
2.While using spring scale, tighten hub nut to obtain proper
bearing preload. See WHEEL BEARING PRELOAD table. Install lock
washer so hole in washer aligns with screw hole in hub nut.
Install lock screw.
3.Apply thread lock compound to joining faces of hub flange and
install onto hub. Install snap ring and shim. Using dial
indicator, measure clearance between hub body and snap ring .
4.If clearance is not 0-.012" (0-.30 mm), adjust using selective
shims. Shims available are: .008" (.20 mm), .012" (.30 mm),
.020" (.50 mm) and .039" (1.10 mm). Install hub cover and
tighten to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

Application Lbs. (kg)
New Bearing & New Oil Seal 4.4-5.5 (2.0-2.5)
Used Bearing & New Oil Seal 2.6-4.0 (1.2-1.8)