Monday, June 20, 2011

Samsung RS253BAWW, the freezer door was left open overnight and now freezer not working and display shows error "98 88" ?

please help, what to do.-----------

Ok, read as follows:-----
The freezerr door was left open, but refrigerator was on, it was working.It was cooling, but all its coolair was running out.Due to this internal cooling system got misalighned.--------
so first thing you have to do is again realign its cooling cycle.For that refrigerator needs to be reset.-------------
So first reset it.

The procedure is as follows: ----

First unplug the unit from main power outlet. Then empty whole unit completely. Then keep both the doors open. Wait for 24 hours. All the ice collected on the coils and in the freezer section will get melted. Clean the water from the sections. Then Connect the power cord of the unit to main power outlet after 24 hours/.Then set the temperature to normal in both fridge and freezer section. It will take near to 4 hours to get run in its proper cooling cycle. Then check, if the problem returns again. If its freezing and cooling properly after reset procedure is followed, then nothing to do,.------------

But if you again get same error 98 88 then, follow this procedure, without doing any mistake.

The 98 88 code indicates a modem communication error in the refrigerator. This error is not applicable in the U.S. It should be ignored. The control will conduct a self diagnostic check when it is powered up. When this code is encountered it will just need to be cleared and the refrigerator will resume normal operation.

To clear the code, press and hold the POWER FREEZE and POWER COOL buttons simultaneously. NOTE: Be sure to press these two buttons at EXACTLY the same time -- no sound will be heard when the buttons are both pressed properly). HOLD the buttons down for about 8 to 12 deliberate seconds until the control beeps and goes blank.

Leave the control in this diagnostic test mode and allow it to exit after it times out in that mode. This will take several minutes. When the test mode clears the fault code 98 88 and returns to normal operation, you should be able to set the controls on the unit and it will work normally.


But if still after this also, the freezer is not freezing, then the problem relates to compressor.Because the freezer door remained on, the unit was not cooling.Compressor was working hard to cool.But door was open and air was running out, instead of remaining in the unit.-------Due to this compressor got overheated and got weak.So replacing compressor will help.--------The compressor fault is most probably not there, but if this above troubleshooting procedure is not helping to resolve the problem, then yes its faulty compressor.It has to be replaced.-----------

You can get required parts from from online sites like: --- www.repairclinic.com or from searspartsdirect online site. --------- This should help.Thanks.Helpmech.


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