Friday, June 17, 2011

crt lp fuse keeps blowing?

CRT LP FUSE also called as control lamp fuse.
This fuse is used for the Body control module and that controls the Aerial, instrument illumination, power windows, wipers, demister, courtesy lights, and smart lock .

What were the last things you change? Check the related wiring and work back from there..

The way I check for shorts is to isolate the circuits.
1] Remove RHkick panel and disconnect the plugs that are there.This will isolate the car wiring into front & rear .put in new fuse .it blows short in front 1/2 of car .doesn't blow reconnect plugs if it blows then short in rear of car.
I have found shorts near the interior lamp and near the rh boot hinge.
Do you have lights on the ghia door trims? since the CRT LP fuse is going, its likely to be interior light related. Check the wiring on the door trim lights to make sure it isnt shorting against the door or each other, etc.

One user tried this :---
I disconnected the two big plugs in the RH Kick Panel and the fuse didn't blow...Connected them back up then fuse blows. What areas are associated with it? So i can check the places out.

Ok, I have disconnected all the door looms from the floor loom and connected the two big plugs back again and still the fuse blows. So its gotta be shorting some where on the floor loom.

The short can be any where, you need to located by testing.---------
Ok we now know it is in the wiring going to the rear of the car.

I got my technician to do a test for me now i know which wires is shorting, the colour of the wire is black/blue.
The Black/ Blue wire is not shorted i think but here is what happens.....
The Black/Blue wires goes to most interior lights and also goes to the door switch thing that detects if the door is open or not. So when all the doors and boot are closed the fuse wont blow. So as soon as you open one door the fuse blows or if you turn the interior map light on, on the headlight switch. So i wonder why this happens?? I thought that this wire creates a circuit so that when the the doors open the door detect switch makes a circuit so that the interior lights would go on.

The blue/black wire is your earth wire from your lights.I think the green/yellow is your power feed to your lights which is the fused wire.Somewhere those 2 wires are connected and this is what you need to find.So 1st up disconnect all your interior lights including the boot light.check to see if it is still shorting out.If it is then then you have a short in your wiring. if it isn't then one of your lights is the problem.

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