Tuesday, June 21, 2011

how to install front bumper cover for ford taurus 2007

The front bumper cover on the Ford Taurus is the plastic over panel on the front of the Taurus.

You will need a car jack, socket set, ratchet and flat-head screwdriver. Under the hood will be a number of securing bolts that you will need to remove as well as bolts behind the wheel well cover on both sides of the frame.
  • Loosen the lug nuts on both of the front tires using the tire tool. Use a jack to raise the front end of the Taurus and place the jack stand at the support points under the frame. Lower the Taurus onto the jack stands.

  • Pull the tires off the frame and set aside. Use the screwdriver to remove the rivets from the wheel well and pull the wheel well out of the housing. Do this the the left and right side of the Taurus.

  • Remove the bolts inside the wheel well that are holding the bumper cover to the frame using the ratchet and socket. Do this to the left and right side of the Taurus.

  • Open the hood of the Taurus. Remove the bolts that holding the bumper cover to the frame inside the engine compartment using the ratchet and socket. The securing bolts are next to the radiator on the right and left side.

  • Pull the front bumper cover off of the frame of the Taurus and place the bumper cover on a clean surface.

  • To install do the procedure as reverse:---
  • Raise the new bumper up and align the mounting holes on the new bumper to those on your front frame. Have your helper hold the bumper while you slip the mounting bolts in and tighten them in with your socket set.

  • Hold the bumper cover in place and replace all the bumper cover mounting bolts and screws. Also re-connect the wires to your lights and re-install your front headlight assemblies on both sides of your front end.

  • To install:
    1. If equipped, assemble the cornering lamps and fog lamps.
    2. Slide the bumper onto the front bumper guide bracket mounted on the front fender, then install the parking lamps.
    3. Position the front bumper to the bumper isolator and bracket, then install the retaining bolts. Tighten the bolts to 16-25 ft. lbs. (22-34 Nm).
  • See the images below for more help:---







  • Tighten the front bumper or bumper isolator and bracket-to-front bumper bolts.


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