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gear shift lever locks on Kia car?

Try this procedure:---

To the right of the shifter is a small circular cap. Lifting that cap reveals a hole. At the bottom of that hole is a small button (you will need a long Phillips head screw driver or something of equivalent shape and size to reach it) depressing the button inside the hole will release the shift-lock and allow you to put it in drive.

You have to pop the little cover next to the shifter and put a stick (or whatever) down in the hole to disengage the safety mechanism (the one that requires you to have your foot on the brake before taking the car out of park.


There are two common failures that can cause this concern here,first and cheapest and easiest to replace is the brake pedal position switch located just above your brake pedal on a bracket,if this switch fails internally it may still turn on the brake lights but may not be sending the signal to the shifter release solenoid to release the shifter from park.This can be fairly common.This switch is generally around $25 and takes usually about a half hour to replace.

The second common component to cause this failure is the shifter assembly itself,it houses a release solenoid that releases the shifter from park when it receives the signal from the brake switch,if this solenoid fails it will not release the shifter from park and the entire shifter would have to be replaced to correct this concern.The shifter can cost up to $400 and can take up to 3 hours to replace.

The only way to bypass this is to remove any covering possible on top of the shifter and locate the electrical solenoid on the shifter,try unplugging the electrical connector from it to see if it will release,if not then you will have to manually push the release in order to shift from park every time until the failure is corrected.

These are the two most common failures for this concern here on this vehicle.


1. Remove the screws that hold the center console in position, starting with the screws in the front and moving to the back of the console. There are 3 screws on each side. The front two can be removed by sliding the front seats fully rearward. The rear pair can be removed most easily by sliding the front seats completely forward to get access to those screws.

2. Move the shift lever to the "R" position and lift the parking brake handle as high as possible to ease removal of the center console. When lifting out the center console, be careful to avoid scratching the console.
3. With the center console removed, you will have access to the key lock cable. Lift the clip that locks the cable by inserting a flat blade screwdriver between the clip and the spring. Lift up the clip by either lifting the clip with the screwdriver or if the tip of the blade is large enough, by rotating the screwdriver to pop up the clip.
4. Push the cable forward until there is a gap between the collar of the cable and the block of 2 to 4mm. Then while holding the cable in position, push the clip down until it is in the locked position. It may require a strong push to seat it. Caution: If the gap is more than the 2 to 4mm, the ignition key may not be able to turn to unlock the snifter.
5. Remove the white plastic cover from the top of the brake cable plunger slot. With the vehicle in park and foot off of the brake, check for interference between the end of the brake cable plunger and the key lock cable lever as shown. The brake cable plunger must move freely past the key lock cable end and touch the middle of the key lock cable lever as shown in the picture below.
6. Correct interference between the end of the brake cable plunger and the key lock cable lever by moving the key lock and brake cable base plate. Loosen the two 10mm nuts and slide the black base plate forward until the key lock cable lever moves out of the way of the brake cable plunger allowing it to slide all the way back until it hits the middle of the key lock cable lever as shown in the picture. Replace the brake cable plunger cover and tighten 10mm nuts.


Operation of the key lock function must be checked before installation of the center console.

1. Verify that the ignition switch turns smoothly from "LOCK" to "ACC" and back with the shift lever in the "P" position. If the key does not turn smoothly reduce the gap by 1~2mm, and check again. (Suggest trying to make only a 1mm change if possible). When the key turns smoothly, proceed to step #2.

2. Re-check that the shift lever does not move from the "P" position (with the lock release button depressed) when the ignition switch is in the "LOCK" position. If the lever moves then try to increase the gap slightly.

3. Make sure key can be removed from the ignition switch when the vehicle is in park with foot off of brake pedal.

4. Verify that the shift control cable is adjusted correctly by following the procedure on the following pages.


Set the select lever to the "N" position.

Loosen the control cable to manual control lever coupling nut to free the cable and lever.Set the manual control lever to the neutral position.Loosen the transaxle range switch body mounting bolts and then turn the transaxle range switch body so the hole in the end of the manual control lever and the hole (cross section A-A in the figure) in the flange of the transaxle range switch body flange are aligned.

Tighten the transaxle range switch body mounting bolts to the specified torque. Make sure at this time that the position of the switch body did not move.

Tightening torque :

10∼12Nm (100~120kg·cm, 7~8lb·ft)


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