Monday, June 20, 2011

driver side window problem on Mercury Sable

The drivers side power window is totally different in the way it is wired due to the one touch down fetcher--- the other power windows do not have this ---as you look at the wireing diagram you can see whats in between the drivers power window motor and the switch ,,,its the interior fuse box,,, in the interior fuse box there is a relay and a SHUNT---this shunt is kind of like a circuit breaker---it senses high amps and opens when it sees it --- the shunt is only serviceable with the fuse box ----so if there was a problem with the shunt or an open in the fuse box then the fuse box would have to be replaced -- the shunt is used to sense high amperage when you hit the auto down ... if this had an open the fuse box would have to be replaced -- and the clicking you are hearing is the relay coming on --- so the fuse box being the problem has to be replaced.


the shunt is part of the interior fuse box ,,, and if it had an open this fuse box would have to be replaced -