Tuesday, June 21, 2011

how to replace fog lights on Chrysler Sebring?

To change the bulb you have to get under the car and look for where the fog light housing is located. You then have to unscrew the round cap at the rear of housing. It will be snug due to the o-ring that seals it. Turn it counter clockwise to remove cap. There will be a little metal retaining clip that clips to a crome peice that has 2 screws in it. remove that clip and the bulb should slide right out.

The fog light bulbs are not easily accessible from under the bumper due to the low ground clearance of the Sebring. Instead, you can access them from behind the wheel well to change them at home if a bulb fails. Buy PSX24W bulbs from an auto parts specialty store or Chrysler dealer.
  • Park the Sebring in a flat area. Turn the steering wheel toward the driver's side to access the passenger side bulb, or toward the passenger side to change the driver's side bulb.

  • Locate the two pins securing the inner fender liner's access panel. Pull the center of the pin straight back to remove it. Pull the cover off the access panel.

  • Reach through the open panel and grasp the fog light bulb. Turn the bulb counterclockwise and pull it straight back out of the assembly.

  • Pull the bulb straight out of the socket. Insert the new bulb into the socket, pushing it firmly into place. Insert the bulb into the fog light assembly and turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

  • Replace the access panel cover and push the retaining pins into place. Turn the wheel so that it faces the opposite direction to repeat the process on the other bulb.

  • Its just the help video to give you better idea about fog light replacing.
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