Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to remove motor out on GE Compactor GCG1500L0BB?

you need to pull the entire unit out first. Unplug the unit. Tip the machine on it's side. Remove the lower sheet metal bottom cover. There are 4 bolts coming in from the bottom holding the motor onto the bottom. Remove these nuts and bolts and the motor will slide forward so that you can take the chain off. There is a set pin holding the plastic gear onto the motor shaft, use a tap shaft to knock out the pin and take the plastic gear off. Set the unit up and remove the back motor cover (behind the trash bin). Remove the motor and inspect the motor.

tap shaft?
it's just something very skinny made of metal (usually about 6" long) that you hit on the back with a hammer to push on a friction pin.

tilted the unit on its side and took the bottom cover off. I see 8 bolts 2 on each corner

The bolts I'm talking about are located under the bottom around the rear (small) plastic pulley. They are in a square formation. I believe the side of the nuts are 3/8"