Thursday, June 30, 2011

how to adjust the clutch pedal on ford escort?

The ford escort had an automatic adjuster on the clutch pedal which gave heaps of trouble due to the teeth on the plastic pawl and ratchet failing,it sounds like that you need a new adjuster.----------
Its automatic and consists of a large spring loaded plastic half gear wheel thing with a couple of plastic ratchet holders.
They are a real pain as they are located on the clutch peddle, so the only way to work on them us upside down laying on the front seat.The best advice I can give you is to inspect them to see if there is any damage to the teeth on the half round gear, if there is buy a complete set from your local ford dealership. It should cost no more than £30 for the complete set.

The clutch cable linkage is supposed to be self-adjusting, so if the clutch is barely engaging and/or slipping, it sounds to me like you need a new clutch (they don't last forever).

Even so, I'd try adjusting the clutch

The adjust mechanism consists of a spring loaded ratchet quadrant attached to the clutch cable. To aadjsut the cable, grasp clutch pedal and pull upward, then slowly depress clutch pedal. If a click is heard during the procedure, an adjustment was necessary and has been accomplished. This procedure should be performed at least every 5000 miles.
If there is no click, the cable is as tight as it needs to be -- so any slippage would be in the clutch itself.


Replacing a clutch is not a simple job and involves many steps. If you do not have any experience doing this kind of job, I would strongly recommend taking your car to a repair shop or a Ford dealer and having them replace it for you.

If you want to do it yourself, here's the basic procedure:
Replacing a Clutch:

1. Remove transaxle (engine must be supported from above with fender braces or an engine puller).
2. Loosen pressure plate cover attaching bolts around clutch cover.
3. Remove pressure plate and clutch disc from flywheel.
4. Position the new clutch disc and pressure plate onto flywheel with flatter side of clutch disc facing toward flywheel. Use a pilot tool to center the clutch disc on the flywheel.
5. Ensure three dowel pins on flywheel are aligned with dowel pins on pressure plate.
6. Tighten the bolts on the clutch cover evenly in a star pattern so as not to distort the clutch. Then final tighten the bolts to 12-24 ft lbs (17-32 Nm) .
7. Remove alignment tool, then install transaxle and perform initial clutch adjustment.



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