Wednesday, June 22, 2011

how to replace dimmer switch on Chevrolet cars?

  1. For Chevrolet K1500 pickup:---
  2. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  3. Remove instrument panel lower trim and on models with A/C, remove A/C duct extension at column.
  4. Disconnect shift indicator from column and remove toe-plate cover screws.
  5. Remove two nuts from instrument panel support bracket studs and lower steering column, resting steering wheel on front seat.
  6. Remove dimmer switch retaining screws and the switch. Tape actuator rod to column and separate switch from rod.
  7. Reverse procedure to install. To adjust switch, depress dimmer switch slightly and install a 3/32 inch twist drill to lock the switch to the body. Force switch upward to remove lash between switch and pivot. Torque switch retaining screw to 35 inch lbs. and remove tape from actuator rod. Remove twist drill and check for proper operation.



The dimmer switch on a Chevrolet Blazer is a multi-switch. This switch will power everything on your turn signal lever. This will include switching from high and low beam lights, operating your windshield wipers and using your turn signal and the cruise control. The switch is buried in your steering column, so removing it is just a matter of disassembling the steering column to access the switch.

Removing the Old Dimmer Switch

  • Disconnect the negative power cable on the battery. The battery needs to be isolated while working on the electrical system.

  • Remove the steering column shroud with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The shroud will come off in two pieces. One will come off from the top and the other will come off from the bottom.

  • Pull the turn signal lever out while twisting it forward. The lever is connected to the multi-switch.

  • Remove the wiring harness running in back of the multi-switch. Place the wiring out of the way so you can remove the switch,

  • Unscrew the switch with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The switch will come out once the screws have been removed.

Installing the New Dimmer Switch

  • Install the new switch. Tighten the screws to hold the switch securely.

  • Attach the wiring harness back to the switch. The harness should plug into the switch. Push the harness connector into the switch until it clicks into place.

  • Install the turn signal lever. Push in and twist it back toward the dash to lock it in place.

  • Place the steering column shroud back on the steering column. Be sure to tighten the screws to position the shroud in place.

  • Reconnect the battery. Crank your Blazer to test out the switch. Attempt to run everything on the switch to ensure you have a good multi-switch.


    For Chevy S10 headlight and dimmer switch panel to the left of the steering wheel, mounted on the dashboard. The headlights operate by the driver pushing and pulling the switch. The dimmer switch is directly above the headlight switch, and the driver adjusts it by rolling the dial horizontally left or right.

  • Remove the dimmer switch trim panel from the dashboard by removing the Phillips head screws from the bottom of the panel. Pull the switch panel trim plate free of the dashboard by hand.

  • Remove the mounting bolts on the back of the switch plate panel for the dimmer switch, using a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the electrical connectors from the rear of the dimmer switch. Remove the dimmer switch module from the panel. The connectors are two small wires with clips that slide onto posts on the rear of the switch panel, almost like speaker wires mount to a speaker. You can easily pull off the connectors by hand.

  • Insert the new dimmer switch against the back of the switch plate panel and install the mounting screws. Tighten the mounting screws into the switch plate to approximately 10 to 15 foot-pounds of torque.

  • Insert the switch plate panel back into the dashboard, and tighten the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • ----------------------

To replace dimmer switch on Chevy Celebrity:--

1. Remove the lower cover panel that runs under the dash.
2. Remove the trim panel under the steering column.
3. Remove the nuts/bolts that hold the steering column up. If your car has column shift disconnect the string leading to the shift indicator.
4. Lower the steering column. It is not necessary to remove the steering wheel.
5. The dimmer switch is on the side of the column below the ignition switch.
6. Disconnect the wire harness from the dimmer switch. Take out the screws and the switch will come off of the column. Note how it goes on the operating lever.
Reverse the procedure to install the new dimmer switch. Check its operation before raising the steering column back in place.


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