Thursday, June 30, 2011

DME Fault Torque error on bmw 740

Try clearing the codes.----------
Clear the fault code. See: Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes NOTE: To achieve good mid-range torque characteristics, long air intake pipes are used. This method of induction requires that the plenum chamber for the left bank (cylinders 7-12) be mounted on the right side of the engine, and the plenum for the right bank (cylinders 1-6) be mounted on the left side of the engine. The technician must keep this in mind when referring to component locations and testing procedures. Components such as air intake sensors, air mass sensors, injectors, throttle position motors and induction systems may be misdiagnosed because of the possible confusion. Remember that fault codes will always refer to the DME system (DME system 1 = cyl. 1-6) and (DME system 2 = cyl. 7-12).


  • tR = 5 sec. preparation for read-out.
  • tWS = 0.5 sec. wait for synchronization.
  • t1 = 2.5 sec. additional check engine lamp check.
  • t2 = 2.5 sec. wait for read-out.
  • t3 = 0.5 sec. check engine lamp on.
  • t4 = 0.5 sec. check engine lamp off.
  • t5 = 2.5 sec. time between code digits.
  • t6 = 2.5 sec. time between different codes.

Clearing Fault Codes -----------
The fault code memory may be cleared by one of the following methods:

  • The BMW service tester.
  • Disconnect the subject control unit (ignition OFF).
  • Disconnect the vehicle battery. [1] :
  • The engine is started 50 times after repair of the failure.

[1] : Interrupting power by disconnecting the battery positive terminal is not recommended as this will also erase other memory functions in the car such as radio, clock, seats, etc.