Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to remove gear shift module on Mercedes c180?

To remove the gear shift is simple, all you need to do is twist the plastic bottom part of the shift anti-clockwise half a turn and it will move down, then you simply pull the gear shift up and off the shaft. The centre trim should just pull up as its only held in be clips.

Once you get the trim off around the shifter which all is just snapped in and remove the shift knob. Unplug the electrical connections for the windows, airbag light, ecs, etc there will be three allen key bolts around the base, one in the front and two in the rear under the plastic bar. There is a switch on the right side on the front right side that needs to be turned about a quarter turn and pulled out. On the front left side you need to unplug the harness for the shifter. Also on the underside of the shifter the transmission linkage needs to be disconnected by removing one clip on the shifter arm. Which can be done from inside the car if you can fit your hand down there. To gain clearance to remove the shiftier remove the two philips screws under the pad in the center console. Once they removed you will be able to manipulate the shifter out of the console.
If the module or transmission checked out faulty, its a dealers job to replace and reprogram the part by tool.

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