Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer has gas emission light on dash?

The vent valve is located under the vehicle just after the gas tank on the passenger side.

Near the rear axle.


Replace the vent valve and reset the check engine light. Cleaning the valve will repair the circuit inside the valve.

The valve probably causes the leak code P0455 and the same valve causes the code P0446. The internal circuits inside the valve gets shorted and the valve will need to be replaced.

Basically, the ECU (Engine computer) monitor a sensor called the FTP (Fuel Tank Pressure) sensor. When the ECU commands the vent valve to open and the pressure does not drop, or if it sees low system pressure, it will think that a leak is present and set the code P0455.

Now is sees a circuit fault with the vent valve and is setting the code P0446.

You can put is up on jack stands and get to the valve. There are no special tools needed. But if you feel more comfortable taking it to a Ford dealership, then yes, a good technician can find and fix the problem. They will charge you a diagnosis charge to hook the computer up and test the system.


The canister vent valve.


ItemPart NumberDescription
1-Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister fuel vapor vent valve electrical connector.
29K318Fuel vapor hose
39S321Fuel vapor hose
49F945Fuel vapor vent valve

have the technician check 9F945 as the base part number.


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