Sunday, June 5, 2011

rear door or window will not open on 2001 ford escape?

Most likely the liftgate latch actuator inside the door is bad. The bad news is you cant get the interior door panel off to get to these parts with the liftgate closed. You must pull the top of the interior trim panel off and get your hand in to work the latch manually and get it open so you can get the panel off and repair it. Below are the attachments showing everything in the liftgate so you open and repair it:---

Click the four links one by one:---

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Click all this link one by one and see the instructions and disassembly procedure.
There is no key to the hatch.

to get to the latch you will have to get the rear trim panel off, it's a lot easier with the door open, obviously, i would try wiggling the rear handle why pressing the keyless entry, or smacking the rear hatch while pressing the key less entry.,