Friday, June 17, 2011

Maytag MGR5750 Gas Kitchen shuts off in preheat mode or not reaching till preheat temp?

Maytag MGR5750 Gas Kitchen range parts:---

USES one ignitor for both broil and bake:---

Click this link below:--- see part number 9, that is igniter.



Also click this link to see how actual part looks:---


Some ranges in this group of models will use the same ignitor for the broil and the bake burner. Others will use a different ignitor for the broil burner. Try the broil function if the range has a separate broil burner (most of these models do have a separate broil burner). If the broiler heats and works properly but the bake burner does not then you likely have a problem with the bake burner ignitor. In this situation you may be able to unplug the range then switch the bake and broil ignitors if they are exactly the same part to see if the bake burner will heat properly with an ignitor that is known to be good. Ranges with serial number starting with 10, 11 or 12 may have the same type of ignitor for the bake and broil burners. If your range does not have the same ignitor then you will not be able to attempt this type of troubleshooting.

If the broil ignitor is different than the bake ignitor, check the see if the bake ignitor is glowing when the bake burner is set to light. It will likely be glowing since your details seem to indicate that the oven was heating up to some extent. If the bake ignitor is glowing then the ignitor is still the likely failed component even though it is glowing. The resistance of the ignitor is not likely decreasing to a point where the required current can pass through the circuit to open the gas valve (or keep it open if the burner initially lights). Replacing the bake ingitor may fix your problem in this situation. If you intend to order and replace this part yourself, you will need to use the model number (and possibly the serial number) to order the correct ignitor. The model and serial number is normally located on the side of the oven cavity opening. Open the oven door to view this area. If you find the model and serial number, you can visit the Sears PartsDirect website to order parts. The series number of your range is the first two numbers of the serial number. If a particular part indicates that the correct part number depends on the series of the range (there is more than one series number listed for a part) then you will need to use the series number to order the correct part. Submit additional information including your model and serial number if you need help ordering a part for your range.

Replacing the ignitor is not garanteed to fix this problem. A bad control board or a problem with a temperature sensor probe can also prevent the oven from heating properly. If you are not sure that you can fix this range yourself, you will likely need to have a service technician diagnose and repair it. Here is a link for the Sears Service website: Sears Home Services .